Conflict Coaching London


Welcome to Conflict Coaching London

We offer 3 conflict coaching options to support you: personal conflict coaching; conflict coaching training; and conflict coaching for individuals or teams in the workplace.

Conflict Coaching London – personal conflict coaching

We work with you on a one to one basis, supporting you through the challenges you face, thus embedding the ongoing conflict management skills you need.  Sessions can be face to face or via Skype.  Go to our Conflict Coaching 1 to 1 page.

Conflict Coaching London – Conflict Coaching Courses

Why not attend one of our 2-day Conflict Coaching Courses? You will learn a range of conflict models and tools that we have personally selected from our extensive experience in the field of conflict management as being of most value. Go to our Conflict Coaching Courses page.

Conflict Coaching London – Workplace Conflict Coaching & Training

We provide sessional conflict coaching or conflict management training interventions for your business or organisation. Go to our Workplace Conflict Coaching page.


Conflict can be overwhelming, stressful and expensive to resolve.  It can impact on personal confidence and team performance and morale. It can spill over into other areas outside of the workplace.

Conflict coaching London will provide you with the skills and resources to regain control of the situation.

Our experienced conflict coaches, Irene Grindell and Daren De Witt, will resource and empower you to navigate skilfully through conflict in your work or life in whatever form it manifests. Irene and Daren are experts in their field with 16 plus years of mediation, conflict management, coaching and training experience.

You are our focus, we put your needs first and foremost.


If you want to manage the conflict you are experiencing, improve difficult relationships, understand your response to conflict or prevent future conflicts, then Conflict Coaching London is a choice worth making.