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Conflict Coaching London – Irene Grindell

Conflict coaching London - Irene GrindellIrene is a genuinely caring and compassionate person with a passion for transforming the stress and pain of a conflict into a positive and constructive experience for those experiencing the other dreaded C word. She is a real people person, driven by an energising desire to support her clients through the anxieties of conflict and change through her coaching.  With over 16 years experience in working with conflict in London, there isn’t much Irene hasn’t come across.

Irene uses her many years of mediation and coaching practice alongside some powerful techniques such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) TA (Transactional Analysis) NVC (Nonviolent Communication) and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).  Her use of neuroscience – how the brain and body react when feeling threatened or when in conflict – gives her an in-depth confidence when dealing with angry and stressed clients.

Having experienced conflict herself both in the workplace and personally, Irene has a deep understanding of its impact.  She connects overtly and honestly in a non-judgemental and empathic way that is experienced by the client as empowering and motivating.

“Irene’s caring and compassionate approach effortlessly transforms the stress and pain of a conflict” – Antonia Jenkins, Coach and Mediator trained by Irene

Conflict Coaching London – Daren De Witt

Daren De Witt of Conflict Coaching LondonDaren De Witt has been working in the field of conflict resolution since 1997 and brings his many years of experience to his Conflict Coaching London practice. The primary tool that Daren uses in his coaching work is Nonviolent Communication (NVC), an internationally recognised conflict resolution process which is utilised in more than 90 countries worldwide. Daren is a senior UK trainer and representative of the Centre for Nonviolent Communication.

Other processes that Daren brings into his conflict coaching include Voice Dialogue, Transactional Analysis, NLP and Hypnosis, and TRE (Tension Release Exercises). Daren is a qualified mediator and also runs a successful anger management coaching service in London, so he has all the angles covered!

Daren enjoys coaching people and gets a lot of satisfaction from helping them to overcome difficulties and challenges in their lives. He is fascinated by the complexities of what makes us tick as humans and how we interact with one another, and is always exploring new avenues of learning to expand his knowledge and skills.

“Daren, I wanted to let you know how you have taught me so well, impacted me, helped me and continue to help me by your example. Our sessions were healing, transformative, creative, unique and very special….and I will never forget them!” – Sue B, March 2015

“I gained a true sense of being respected and understood from my time with Daren. This was in sweet contrast to help I have experienced elsewhere which has sometimes left me confused by interjections of judgement and analysis – stopping me in my flow and breaking rapport. With Daren I felt supported to deepen and develop my truth naturally. This took me further, faster than I had imagined and I shall carry the acceptance I experienced with me going forward.” – Andy Nash, April 2014

“Thanks again for the work you did with me, Daren. Your support and coaching was very helpful and massively contributed to my development!” – Stuart L. March, 2014

I can’t thank you enough for the sessions we have already had, they have yielded more than I could ever have hoped for. – Nicky, March 2013