Conflict Coaching London

Workplace conflict coaching

Workplace conflict coaching London - staff arguingOur workplace conflict coaching London service can help you find a way through the issues you are dealing with.

Workplace Conflict Coaching London – typical problems

  • Managers are not feeling confident to manage difficult members of staff, or clients.
  • Group dynamics are getting in the way of productivity or team morale.
  • Staff are unhappy working under a particular manager.
  • Values, beliefs, individual temperaments and work styles are clashing.
  • Group thought is slowing down or hindering progress or change.
  • Disgruntled staff are resistant to input, directives and change.
  • Communication within teams has broken down.
  • Otherwise lovely people just can’t get on with each other.
  • Conflict is following members of staff from department to department without resolution.

Workplace Conflict Coaching London – typical consequences

  • Deteriorating productivity.
  • Low staff morale.
  • Breakdown within teams deepens and creates silos.
  • Culture of blame and divisiveness.
  • Toxic environments.
  • Persistent sick leave, absenteeism, presenteism.
  • Team members being sent to occupational health.
  • Experienced, skilled and knowledgeable staff leaving your company.
  • Champions within the company becoming resistors or saboteurs.

Workplace Conflict Coaching London – solution

Irene and Daren at Conflict Coaching London will up-skill your managers and / or staff with the tools, knowledge, understanding, and skills to deal with conflict more confidently and constructively. With our years of experience of working with conflict, Irene and Daren know that conflict can be confusing and debilitating. People are often at their most vulnerable when submerged in a conflict. Helping them to understand the impact that conflict has on their minds and their bodies can help them to relate to conflict in a more empowering way.

Irene and Daren have shared values about working with people in a compassionate way. We respect people and we understand that people are driven by their needs but don’t always have the tools to communicate in order to get their needs met in a safe and effective way.

Workplace conflict coaching London – practicalities

Workplace conflict coaching London - happy conflict free teamWe can visit your staff at your business premises or you can send them to us. Alternatively we can work remotely via Skype, phone, etc.

We work one to one with people, typical sessions are one hour in length. The first session is 90 minutes.

We can also coach and train your staff in groups to manage conflict. Sessions can be of any length, depending on group size and your availability and resources.


Workplace conflict Coaching London – Models

Models that we use in our coaching sessions include:

NVC and Emotional Intelligence for empathic listening, thinking and speaking.

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching to explore patterns, assumptions and feelings of lack of worth.

Reframing to help you to change the content, context or time frame to help you give the conflict new meaning.

We use a little NLP to explore conflict by looking at our filters, values and beliefs which have an impact on how we perceive everything with a particular focus on relationships and conflict. One of the presuppositions of NLP is “Nothing is ever true or false only thinking makes it so”.

Workplace conflict Coaching London – contact us

To discuss your situation and needs further or to book a first session for a member of your staff, contact Irene or Daren via our contact form.